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xixi Luo

939 days ago
  • Next Meeting
Patrick W Patrick
Linyun F Linyun
Stephan Z Stephan
  • Topics of Interests
  • Relevant Papers:
  • Agenda
  • Discussion (15-20 min max)
  • Summary (3-5 min max)
Action Items from Last Time
  • Notes
  • The relationship between verisoning and the rest of the evolution cycle elements
Linyun F
  • Versioning as a way to encode and manage changes (i.e., the rest of the evolution cycle elements/activities)?
  • approaches/languages to quantify/summarize/encode changes
  • GCIS ontology change as a concrete example
Action Items
  • Anirudh to jot down ontology changes from GCIS second phase
1023 days ago
Speaker Linyun
Topic Ontology interest group
Linyun F Marshall (remote)
Linyun F Anirudh
Patrick W Yu Chen (Momo)
xixi L Xixi Luo(remote)
Linyun F Peter Fox
  • Introduction to eScience meetings
  • in the beginning of each semester we send invitation to the escience email list and ask everybody to choose a time for the meeting for the semester.
  • for every escience meeting there will be a short talk. at the beginning of the semseter we are asking people to fill out their proposed topics to talk about.
  • the escience meeting is not made as a project meeting, but more as a discussion of general esicence and also particular intersets.
  • every new semester we will have a new organizer/chair for the meeting
  • Around the room (10-15 minutes max)
  • Hao: 1st yr phd student, starting on DCO project
  • lingyun: 5th yr phd student,,automatic capturing of provenance in research publications
  • Corey: 2nd year at TWC. research qualifier. a new project in material science. he said he will talk about that in the future
anirudh p
Marshall M
  • yu chen "slash" momo:  deep carbon observatory infrastructure, single sign on
  • xixi: postdoc working for deborah (DataOne project)
  • marshall ma: 3rd yr postdoc, use of semantic technologies in data management and publications; geoinformatics
Congrui L
  • stephan: software engineer. projects: NOCV; RDS; Dark Metadata
  • Patrick: work for Peter since 2002. Projects: DCO; RDESC; infrastructure for the lab
  • Prof. Peter Fox:
  • Apurva: 1st graduate student in IT, working for DCO
Linyun F Introduction
  • eScience meeting is a science meeting, not a project meeting
  • a short talk at each meeting (15-20 min talk, 5-10 min discussion)
Congrui L
  • discuss interesting research topics
Linyun F
  • place to talk about problems you are stuck on, interesting ideas...
Around the room
Hao: Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO)
Linyun: Provenance capturing for research publications
Corey: Material Science & Engineering Ontology
Anirudh: Dark metadata,NOCV
Yu Chen/momo: DCO, mobile sensor system
Xixi: DataONE --- build a data sharing network for earth scientist
Marshall: The use of semantic web technology for data publication and management, quantitative and qualitative modeling of geospatial data
Stephan Z Stephan: DCO-DS (dev-ops, s2s), NOCV (vocabulary services, possible RDA interest group), RDS (VIVO & CKAN for RPI datasets), Dark Metadata, BEDI
Linyun F Patrick: DCO-DS, RDESC, lab infrastructure management
Apurva: new ITWS student on DCO.
Patrick W Projects
  • DCO-DS (Deep Carbon Observatory - Data Science)
  • Dark Metadata
  • RDESC - Resource Discovery for Extreme Scale Collaboration
  • ToolMatch - Service to match tools with datasets
  • OPeNDAP Provenance - OPeNDAP - open source data access software
  • SemantEco
  • Jefferson Project
  • BEDI
  • NOCV - vocabulary services
  • RDS (RPI Data Services)
  • DataONE
zhongh3@rpi.edu Ontology Interest group within the eScience group
  • a lot of ontologies involved in these projects of us
  • an informal mailing list where people can put topics and questions.
  • useful across multiple projects
  • inspiring each other
  • later in the semester we can lead a ontology TWed talk & discussion
Linyun F
  • how do we publish ontologies in the lab? as the first problem to discuss on the list
  • can we take "ontology of ontologies" as the interest group name
  • what does ontology mean to each person?
  • ontology definition: a specification of a shared conceptualization
  • useful over beautiful
Congrui L
  • a Cmap to get some ideas on what to do and what should I take care of while using ontologies
Patrick W
  • Possible Discussions
  • Publishing an ontology in the Tetherless World Constellation
  • Is the term ontology synonymous with schema
  • Making assertions about ontologies defined by someone else.
  • foaf:Person subClassOf rdesc:Resource
  • Is Ontology Software?
Linyun F
  • Patrick's experience with VSTO 1.0
Patrick W
  • The ontology was overkill-ish
  • restrictions
  • min/max
  • disambiguation
Linyun F
  • developed in Protege, which automatically generates java classes from the ontology
  • ontology -> explicit, take knowledge hidden in the code, people's mind out and make it explicit in ontologies
Patrick W
  • Too much explicit details in a triple store? Unmanageable. Too slow. A lot of people turn off inferencing. Turn off restrictions and disambiguation.
Linyun F
  • implementability, expressibility, maintanability triangle for ontology design
  • difference: graph database vs relational database
Marshall M
  • open world vs closed world?
  • relational database could be a restricted graph database, more compact
Linyun F
  • relational database factors out common edges shared by instances in the knowledge graph, thus more restriction on data, more compact storage.
  • graph database has more expressivity
Patrick W
  • difference between graph database and directed graph database???

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