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Deborah McGuinness

537 days ago
Congrui L Congrui Li
Hao Z Hao Zhong
Stephan Z Stephan Zednik
Topic: Insider Threat Ontology
  • Background
  • Malicious Insider - internal employee that may perform malicious actions
  • Ontology abstracts the idea of threats consistently across organizations
  • Trades expressiveness for inter-operability
  • Implementation
  • Distinguish between Actions (observable) and Events (inferrable)
  • Validation
  • "The insider stole a co-worker's password credentials to log into the system and commit fraud."
  • Start with Natural Language, then use this model to translate into a Semantic structure
  • Difference between Asset and Information?  (Credit Card Asset vs Credit Card Information)
*Money stolen from a credit card is the asset, the card number is the information
  • Authors created semantic model in last slide manually
*Validating the ontology is expressive enough
*Possible Research: Automate NLP to generate these Semantic models
*Linkepedia?  Perhaps a more domain specific domain ontology
*Owl File not available, but forth
544 days ago
Deborah M Discussion Topics
  • best practices google doc <get pointer>
  • just navigating around our github content related to this
Han W
  • where are our ontologies?  and related sparql endpoints
  • where are our ontologies?  and related sparql endpoints
Marshall M 20160526 eScience Meeting 
Patrick W
  • General Information
  • This Meeting
  • Previous Meeting
  • Next Meeting
Call In
Marshall M 1.  Please join my meeting.
2.  Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.
Dial +1 (408) 650-3123
Access Code: 333-351-829
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting 
Meeting ID: 333-351-829
Patrick W Attendance
Marshall M Marshall Ma
Han W Han Wang
Ian Gross
Jim M Jim McCusker
anirudh p Hao Zhong
Deborah M Zhen Liu 
Sabita Acharya  (will be remote after this week)
Liyu Pan <panl2@rpi.edu>
Rui Yan
  • Henrique O. Santos <hensantos@gmail.com>   
  • Paulo Pinheiro at RPI <pinhep@rpi.edu>
  • katie chastain (already on list)
Peter F
  • Ahmed (on travel, on list)
  • Sophie Kolankowski (getting married!)
Marshall M
  • Propose and discuss topics and questions for the coming eScience meetings
anirudh p Location - Place, Event, geographical etc
Ontology Change Template - May not apply for some ontology
Minimum subset of the template that needs to be filled. 
Patrick W Action Items
anirudh p
  • Ontology evolution talk based on Linyun's Work
  • Semantics of Quality and Bias Representations
  • Location representations in PROV 
  • Insider's Threat - Rui
Deborah M Please add me to the list  (the first 5 people below are all working with deborah this summer)
Patrick W
  • rashidshabbir@gmail.com
anirudh p
  • grossi2@rpi.edu
  • sachar4@uic.edu
Deborah M
  • Zhen Liu <zl1471@nyu.edu>
  • Liyu Pan <panl2@rpi.edu>
Patrick W Potential Topics
  • ontology best practices
  • Github Repositories
  • ontology versioning
  • ontology annotation
  • content negotiation and discoverability
Deborah M
  • registering (and advertising) our ontologies
Patrick W
  • easily creating semantic content (ontology editors as well as instance editors)
Peter F
  • Location representations (Marshall and Peter from Vespucci last June)
Marshall M
  • can also relate to work of the 'Spatial Data on the Web' OGC-W3C joint WG
Peter F
  • Location in PROV-O (Marshall and Peter)
Stephan Z
  • ?is this related to the location representations bullet above? Yes.
  • W3C PROV definition of Location: A location can be an identifiable geographic place (ISO 19112), but it can also be a non-geographic place such as a directory, row, or column. As such, there are numerous ways in which location can be expressed, such as by a coordinate, address, landmark, and so forth.
Deborah M
  • Ontology evolution and curation among Big / Broad communities
544 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Deborah McGuinness 544 days ago
And there should be content negotiation for the URI
Deborah M Location for TWC ontologies
  • <need content here>
995 days ago
zhongh3@rpi.edu eScience Meeting 20150302.1100 Mon
Patrick W
  • General Information
Patrick W
  • Next Meeting
zhongh3@rpi.edu Please join my meeting, Mar 2, 2015 at 11:00 AM EST.
Dates and Speakers
Date Weekday Time Speaker Topic
Feb 02 Monday 11am ET Linyun Fu Ontology Interest Group
Feb 16 Monday 11am ET Stephan Zednik Vocabulary Services
Mar 02 Monday 11am ET NA Catchups & Discussion
Mar 16 Monday 11am ET Linyun Fu Linked Vocabulary Schema
Mar 30 Monday 11am ET
Apr 13 Monday 11am ET
Apr 27 Monday 11am ET
May 11 Monday 11am ET
Possible Speakers and Topics for the first week:
Patrick W Call In
Stephan Z
  • Stephan Zednik (remote)
  • Peter
Patrick W
  • Patrick (remote)
  • Around the room (5-10 minutes max) 
  • Anything following up from last week (active items)
  • Talk
  • Discussion (15-20 min max)
  • Summary and What's Next (3-5 min max)
Action Items from Last Time
Stephan Z
  • Stephan - find old proposal for update to PML and share with Patrick as example for proposal to update ontology
  • Stephan - write down previous ontology publication practices
Patrick W
  • Patrick - proposal for TW ontology change
  • Patrick - proposal for TW Ontology Best Practices working group
Linyun F
  • Linyun - initiate a mail thread on the [ontology] list on specializing the LDA ontology   (please expand LDA)
  • a mixture of rationale and implementation
Stephan Z
  • Review previous meeting's action items
Patrick W
  • DOAP (Description of a Project) - Software as a project
Action Items
Deborah M
Linyun F
  • Linyun Fu: Prepare a talk about LVA ontology design in two weeks.
  • make sure not to ignore Epimorphics' credit.
Patrick W
  • Use rpi handle system to generate handles for all of our instances
  • Would love to see someone look into purl and give a presentation!
953 days ago
anirudh p anirudh
  • Topics of Interests
  • vocabulary vesioning: Marshall X Ma  for SKOS, there are "active" and "inactive" annotations to indicate whether elements are part of the current ontology
Stephan Z
  • Stephan: there are?
Hao Z
  • Ontology versioning
  • versioning in software engineering
Stephan Z
  • Semantic versioning convention (for software)
  • major.minor.patch
  • major changes generally break backwards compatibility and usually involve interface or contract changes
  • minor changes generally add new functionality but do not break backwards compatibility
  • patch changes are generally bug fixes that do not make interface changes (but fix incorrect behavior)
Hao Z
  • difference from software engineering.
  • branching, different urls
  • ==> documentating ontologies
  • ==> an ontology in development for a small exercise?
  • stephan presentation (SKOS; versioning)
  • ==> PROV'O
  • ==> technology issues for the data set
  • versioning meriting from semantic tools, in RDF?
  • how to use provenance to describe versioning
  • other...?
  • Notes
Linyun F
  • Software versioning (major versions, minor versions, bug fixes...) does it work well with RDF versioning? What is missing? 
  • Versioning along with documentation and annotation
  • Difference between software and ontology 
  • Scope: ontology has global scope
  • Polymorphism not allowed in ontology for good reasons
  • NO Encapsulation in ontology (no private elements)
  • Software is defined by interfaces, ontology change is almost always interface change -- reasoning clients will break.
  • Annotating implications of a change to an ontology is hard.
  • How to define minor and major changes for ontologies (since almost every change in an ontology is considered a major (interface) change for software)?
  • Decoupled governance of ontology changes
  • e.g., OBO foundry governance arrangement
  • Use case: VSTO?
  • Benchmark/criteria for ontology evolution governance practices?
  • whether break client tools, how hard it is to fix these breaks, ...
  • Branching in ontology versioning
  • How datasets underpinned by an ontology are influenced if the ontology changes.
Possible ontologies
  • DCO ontology needs to be reviewed so could have a discussion on versioning
  • Still have not switched to VSTO version 3
  • TW Ontology changing the tw:Concept and incorporating skos:Concept
  • skos, versioning of vocabularies
1009 days ago
Patrick W Meeting Password - grasshopper - oh yeah, I remember now
And why is there one in the first place? i dont know - being removed
Stephan Z
  • Stephan Zednik (remote)
Deborah M
  • Deborah McGuinness
Patrick W
  • Patrick (remote) - easily amused
  • Ontology group following-ups
Linyun F
  • TWC ontology discussion -- Patrick need feedback NOW!
  • Need a proposal for upgrading the TWC ontology first.
  • Having a group of people interested in writing down ontology best practices.
  • A group for ontology best practices inside TWC.
  • content negotiation
  • where to put our ontologies
Linyun F
  • policies, general ones and the ones for specific projects
Stephan Z
Patrick W
  • Each agency has their own terms, own meanings, etc... 
  • Makes mapping difficult
  • And most are not machine readable. Some are on a laptop, in someone's mind, etc... So need to formalize the vocabulary
  • Patrick West Q: SKOS Concept Scheme Mapping - and previous screen - descriptions/definitions?
Linyun F
  • Linyun Fu Q: Encode in an ontology the common patterns found across multiple vocabulary services?
Action Items
Stephan Z
  • Stephan - find old proposal for update to PML and share with Patrick as example for proposal to update ontology
  • Stephan - write down previous ontology publication practices
Patrick W
  • Patrick - proposal for TW ontology change
  • Patrick - proposal for TW Ontology Best Practices working group
Linyun F
  • Linyun - initiate a mail thread on the [ontology] list on specializing the LDA ontology

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