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Rui Yan

537 days ago
Congrui L Congrui Li
Hao Z Hao Zhong
Stephan Z Stephan Zednik
Topic: Insider Threat Ontology
  • Background
  • Malicious Insider - internal employee that may perform malicious actions
  • Ontology abstracts the idea of threats consistently across organizations
  • Trades expressiveness for inter-operability
  • Implementation
  • Distinguish between Actions (observable) and Events (inferrable)
  • Validation
  • "The insider stole a co-worker's password credentials to log into the system and commit fraud."
  • Start with Natural Language, then use this model to translate into a Semantic structure
  • Difference between Asset and Information?  (Credit Card Asset vs Credit Card Information)
*Money stolen from a credit card is the asset, the card number is the information
  • Authors created semantic model in last slide manually
*Validating the ontology is expressive enough
*Possible Research: Automate NLP to generate these Semantic models
*Linkepedia?  Perhaps a more domain specific domain ontology
*Owl File not available, but forth

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