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Sabbir Rashid

544 days ago
Deborah M Discussion Topics
  • best practices google doc <get pointer>
  • just navigating around our github content related to this
Han W
  • where are our ontologies?  and related sparql endpoints
  • where are our ontologies?  and related sparql endpoints
Marshall M 20160526 eScience Meeting 
Patrick W
  • General Information
  • This Meeting
  • Previous Meeting
  • Next Meeting
Call In
Marshall M 1.  Please join my meeting.
2.  Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.
Dial +1 (408) 650-3123
Access Code: 333-351-829
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting 
Meeting ID: 333-351-829
Patrick W Attendance
Marshall M Marshall Ma
Han W Han Wang
Ian Gross
Jim M Jim McCusker
anirudh p Hao Zhong
Deborah M Zhen Liu 
Sabita Acharya  (will be remote after this week)
Liyu Pan <panl2@rpi.edu>
Rui Yan
  • Henrique O. Santos <hensantos@gmail.com>   
  • Paulo Pinheiro at RPI <pinhep@rpi.edu>
  • katie chastain (already on list)
Peter F
  • Ahmed (on travel, on list)
  • Sophie Kolankowski (getting married!)
Marshall M
  • Propose and discuss topics and questions for the coming eScience meetings
anirudh p Location - Place, Event, geographical etc
Ontology Change Template - May not apply for some ontology
Minimum subset of the template that needs to be filled. 
Patrick W Action Items
anirudh p
  • Ontology evolution talk based on Linyun's Work
  • Semantics of Quality and Bias Representations
  • Location representations in PROV 
  • Insider's Threat - Rui
Deborah M Please add me to the list  (the first 5 people below are all working with deborah this summer)
Patrick W
  • rashidshabbir@gmail.com
anirudh p
  • grossi2@rpi.edu
  • sachar4@uic.edu
Deborah M
  • Zhen Liu <zl1471@nyu.edu>
  • Liyu Pan <panl2@rpi.edu>
Patrick W Potential Topics
  • ontology best practices
  • Github Repositories
  • ontology versioning
  • ontology annotation
  • content negotiation and discoverability
Deborah M
  • registering (and advertising) our ontologies
Patrick W
  • easily creating semantic content (ontology editors as well as instance editors)
Peter F
  • Location representations (Marshall and Peter from Vespucci last June)
Marshall M
  • can also relate to work of the 'Spatial Data on the Web' OGC-W3C joint WG
Peter F
  • Location in PROV-O (Marshall and Peter)
Stephan Z
  • ?is this related to the location representations bullet above? Yes.
  • W3C PROV definition of Location: A location can be an identifiable geographic place (ISO 19112), but it can also be a non-geographic place such as a directory, row, or column. As such, there are numerous ways in which location can be expressed, such as by a coordinate, address, landmark, and so forth.
Deborah M
  • Ontology evolution and curation among Big / Broad communities

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